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Inadequately reflected in their activities her life falls below a certain level

Inadequately reflected in their activities her life falls below a certain level and it is necessary to encourage regular activities; Second opposite case – when activity is excessive blood rises above certain level then it is necessary to dampen her hospital Blood disease means that a person has a problem and take to truly live life situations and experiences with humility and joy It is important to manage your life with joy and accept things as they are Any.

bleeding symbolizes the loss of life sacrificing strength or discharge pressure of the body (let things happen) One loses the joy of life is exhausted Such a person cannot find in their lives and experience the joy It then gives clear either suddenly and with great energy – a massive hemorrhage outwards or inwards or slowly and covertly – exuding blood vessels slow form of bleeding The solution to the psychosomatic level is to find and experience the joy of life take your life with peace and love Anemia – Anemia is a general lack of energy Man can not in my life to find contentment and peace no joy out of life Does not have enough strength to cope with their lives it is weak Often simultaneously suffer .


09 Mar

Dopamine receptors (D2 receptors) and decrease

There is obliviousness on the planet. Aside from the absence of dopamine is the flip side of which is hyperstimulation we find in psychosis and schizophrenia. Pharmaceuticals for schizophrenia square dopamine receptors (D2 receptors) and decrease insane indications. Medications, for example, amphetamines and cocaine expand dopamine levels an excess of can bring about psychosis. Hence the medication in these cases is the lessening of dopamine. Right dosage dopamine in people, implies adjusted identity who is needed in school. What can teachers? What ought to instruct kids to abstain from looking dopamine medications, cigarettes and contact habitual identities.

The Russian specialist Nikolayev left puzzled specialists

The scholastic and educator of pharmaceutical Yuri Nikolayev connected the confinement standards of dopamine in schizophrenia no less than five years, who had unsuccessfully experienced numerous treatment regimens. The thought of Nikolayev was basic. Lying dopamine in nourishment? Bars creature nourishments and nuts totally from the eating regimen. Since 1945 in the psychiatric establishment in


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At the end of each insulin molecule

At the end of each insulin molecule is a substance called bipyridine. It is so to speak the hook that insulin uses to bind to other molecules. In the laboratory, we put an iron atom in II-bipyridine-hook, and iron is chemically very easy to control. In fact, our new approach makes insulin itself fully collected in a uniform structure. We have created what we call a self-assembling nano structure.

The pancreas produces insulin all the time and stores it until you eat something sweet to decompose. Insulin syringes of human origin in place on your skin. There is in action, or in the custody of the fat found just under the skin.

Insulin accumulates very uniform
We take microscopic images of the surface and internal structure of the nanotechnological methods ‘Atomic Force Microscopy’ (AFM) and ‘Small angle X-ray scattering’. When we saw the pictures, we can see immediately that our new self-assembling nano insulin could be very suitable for such deposit. But we were a little unsure about our insulin function as medicine.


09 Mar

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the nervous system, which plays a major role in mood.

The pharmaceutical industry develops, inter alia, its preparations for depression using serotonin.

Studies have demonstrated an immediate increase in the synthesis of the substance in the brain during physical activity, but one can not yet say to what extent and how much it can improve mood.

But as you know, we all have a nice feel in the hours after we’ve finished exercising.

Another theory is that the heat causes the muscles to relax.


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Feeling like the internet!

Allen brain research institute neuroscientist christof koch employees, have a very ambitious thesis about awareness and consciousness. According to koch, each structure is complicated enough in itself can also develop if enough awareness on this link!

The grapple or a relative with alzheimer’s anyone lost any closer because parkinson’s is probably the same conclusion: the outward appearance, but mostly we remember the people that define us as individuals is something totally way our brains work. Unfortunately, this type of loss to understand, impossible without really witnessed some slowly slipping from your hand, or a friend of your day …

One other american in the world in recent years and billions of dollars in budget held simultaneously executing two projects partner countries of the european union. American project of ‘the brain initiative’ project of european ‘human brain project’ … Both projects, the structure of the human brain, based on the situation in understanding how it works. The goal completely solve the structure of the human brain functioning; memory, time perception, visual perception, and so on. Such as how to understand the formation of concepts and to produce radical solutions to all diseases of the brain as schizophrenia to alzheimer’s …

All this study can be considered the one hand, beyond the abstract but perhaps some are trying to access the mystery of the unique concept that makes us human.


09 Mar

Cerebrum Booster As Well As Memory Enhancer

Other studies point towards the fact that coffee consumption lowers the overall risk of cancer and protects against Alzheimer’s disease, suicide and depression as well as cancer of the oral cavity, throat, liver, colon and rectum and uterus, .

But this requires more research. There are also a few groups, i.e., individuals with an anxiety disorder, pregnant women and individuals who have a low calcium intake, which should be a little wary of coffee intake. ”

The above conclusion is quite clear. There is, according to the report good reason to drink 3-4 cups of coffee during the day, unless you are pregnant or suffer from anxiety. If you have a low calcium intake, then you could drink milk in the coffee.


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I was aided by the book, “quiet your brain

I was aided by the book, “quiet your brain and get the opportunity to rest,” by Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber. The creators show great rest cleanliness that is valuable for despondency, regardless of the fact that you don’t have rest issues going to rest in the meantime every night, awakening in the meantime, don’t stay in bed for attentiveness, adhere to an unwinding sleep time schedule, turn off every electronic gadget a couple of hours before bed, and so forth.

Get moving.

We all realize that practice is great. In any case, a late study from Duke University found that oxygen consuming activity was pretty much as successful in treating dejection that day by day measurements of Zoloft.


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Is made from laboratory-created compounds

Is made from laboratory-created compounds (synthetic nootropics) the options are limitless. Ha! Which Nootropics shoulds you start with? Starting the path of nootropic experimentation is an exciting one. Aim the issue is – Which nootropics shoulds you start with first? When stacking it is recommended That You stack nootropic one at a time, in which way you can monitor progress and build your personal stack from there. It is significant to Understand Your goals before choosing a nootropic. Once you know your specific cognitive and mental goals, you can go about buying the perfect nootropic stack. Which is the best size for buying nootropic? ALTHOUGH nootropics are available in powder and capsule Both a form, it is best to buy ’em in a powder form. Buying bulk powder is the standard for anybody who is serious about extracting the maximum benefits from the experience nootropic. May this be challenging for someone That Is not used to purchasing supplements brain purpose it is The Most economical. Powdered nootropics are preferred over capsule forms, as They Have A Higher potency or concentration (sometimes Because

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Of dark brown color with a specific smell and bitter taste

Of dark brown color with a specific smell and bitter taste with a sample to provide an anesthetic effect language in storage may precipitate Features: antimicrobial; anti-inflammatory; Normalizes metabolism; It accelerates the process of tissue regeneration; Wound healing; deodorizes; antitoxic; It stimulates the metabolism; It reduces blood clotting; Relieves vascular.

spasm; Antioxidant; Povyshaetzaschitnye reactions Contraindications: Individual intolerance to any component of the drug; Allergic reactions to bee products reactions in the form of burning itching swelling and headache weakness fever There are cases of severe allergic reactions which require urgent medical assistance; Contraindicated for people .


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