23 Jan

Weight loss

Holidays are coming, and we anticipate the onset of favorite family meals. We look for online recipes of intricate dishes to please our beloved ones. And in between times, we look in a mirror, grab folds on our bellies. Someone reassures oneself that under clothes, it is still not visible, someone will give a promise that after holidays- on a diet. We do not monitor your promises, let's leave it at your own responsibility. However, we will give you some tips on how to get fit as soon as possible.

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Correct nutrition while losing weight

Professional nutritionists prohibit starving. To abandon sweet flour food and any other empty calories is necessary. But to refuse food in general is strictly contraindicated. Curiously enough, it is enough to slightly change your diet, and your weight is lost on its own. The key principle is to eat, but not to gorge.

Men with sedentary activities need about 2000 calories per day. If you lead an active lifestyle, then add 500-1000 more – in proportion to your workload. Women leading quiet lifestyle need 1600 calories daily, and at active loads, daily rate will rise by additional 500. Energy value is written on all modern food stuffs-even in restaurants and bistros menu, the calorie content of each dish is now indicated. A little of arithmetic and you will be able to determine, whether you have committed a crime against your shape or not.

Try to eat less sweet, flour, fried, smoked food, as it is heavy product for the stomach. Shift to steamed and cooked dishes. Shift to split meals- eat in smaller portions. Thus, the stomach will have time to digest your food, and you will be constantly full of energy. In addition, it is a pledge to have the urge to eat less often.

If you cannot stop yourself from buying a muffin, then watch hours: it should not be later than 6:00 pm. Then your stomach will have time to digest it, and you do not have to accuse that you broke down on the way to a perfect shape.

Activity and sport

Exercises worth to be introduced gradually. You do not need to immediately take huge weights and run a marathon on an equal footing with professionals. First, your heart will not thank you for this, and second, a sharp increase in activity, is assimilated by your brain as a stressful situation, which... you'll want to cove by food, which is represented by fast carbohydrates, the most harmful kind of food stuffs.

It is better to consult with a nutritionist and a professional fitness coach. They will form a perfect program for your losing weight and workouts. In the end, you will lose weight and have a full life.

Finally. Do not try to immediately lose much weight. Your body has got used to a different lifestyle, and it needs time to adjust. Optimally, you should lose 1-2 kilograms per month. It will pledge that you will enjoy a healthy way of life, and in the future, you will not have a negative impact.

For clarity, here is our result in the course of compliance with all of the above recommendations. In the process of tracking changes, we used photos and short video recordings. Now we have assembled them in one movie using the resource https://slideshow-online.com. See what we've got, and you will succeed too. Feel fit!


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