22 Jan

But I still like my skin oils

But I still like my hair oils – in this respect nothing has changed; I oiled hair even every other night. Favorite oils for today is: bringraj (gloss-mega!), Sesa, wheat germ oil, raspberry seed oil, hemp oil, liniment – shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa +. The softest hair I have on liniments and wheat germ oil, and the most glittering after bringraju. Oh, very important – I wash my hair every day, so even when I have planned oiling, although I impose on the tip of liniment with shea or lanolin rossmanowskÄ…. The tip must be particularly care:)

Usually I put the oil on your hair wet spray with oil of raspberry seed oil; when they are very dry, it happens on conditioner (Garnier with avocado).

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