22 Jan

based on natural form of mineral filters

based on natural form of mineral filters. The more that cosmetic companies do not cease in developing new varieties of mineral filters, modifying the pigment particles by surrounding them with silicone, silica, combining with manganese – which will improve the performance of the filters without a significant impact on the protection of anti-UVA.
Preparations with mineral filters may be subject to abrasion, because even though they are photostable filters, it is recommended that their reaplikacja while sunbathing at approx. 2 hours.
Mineral filters in cosmetics makeup
Mineral filters are often used are often used as protective substances in the sleepers. If the backing thus include filters anti-UVA, it constitutes quite a good protection on a daily basis. Primers without filters, due to the presence of dyes provide low surge protection SPF 2-4.


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